Life is not what we make it. It is what makes us” - Cliff

A Local Space Traveler

Head beyond the clouds

feet underground

Always experimenting with new ideas, his sound is a sound without the convenience of a label. Rooted in hip hop, but spread out all over the place. His many influences and moods carry Cliff away to various far off places and he comes back down to earth to share his new discoveries with the world. Using a few instruments, loops, a sample here and there and the imagination of a lifelong student of the universe, he tries to get out all of the rhythms and sounds that constantly occupy his headspace. With over 3.1M streams in the last two years, Cliff has resonated with lots of listeners and will continue to shoot for the stars in his attempt to capture more ears.

The recent collaboration album with Flyrobotics (Local Space Travelers) is an example of this wanderers way of production. Each instrumental is different from the next, yet uniquely complimentary to the eMCee's deliberate tone and varying energy.

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